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Elettricità Sciaroni SA
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6648 Minusio

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The Elettricità Sciaroni content site is managed by his team which is not responsible for the content of external sites that are linked to from the Elettricità Sciaroni site, nor for the content the community has submited to the website (eg, contributions, forum postings, ...).


All texts, graphics and pictures of Elettricité Sciaroni Internet presence, which are not particularly marked, are protected by the copyright of Elettricité Sciaroni. The use of the texts, graphics and pictures is allowed only with written approval of Elettricité Sciaroni.

Web development, graphic and CSS design

Elettricità Sciaroni site has been realized by:

Ticimatica SA
Via al Pozzo 8
CP 84
6949 Comano

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For this site we have used:

  • CMS Typo3
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CSS

Compatible Typo3 web hosting

The Elettricità Sciaroni's site is hosted on Ticimiatica's datacenter in Locarno.

Further information can be found here.